1. How To Create A Great Brand Style Guide

    A brand style guide is a document that outlines exactly how a company wants to be presented in advertising campaigns and through any form of branding. Think of the Nike checkmark seen in all of their commercials. Although this is a small part of the company’s brand style guide, it’s seen on just about every article of clothing they release as well as their advertising. Let’s take a look at t…Read More

  2. How Are Vehicle Wraps Applied?

    Vehicle wraps have many purposes. They can be used to protect the paint on your car, add a design, color, or texture, or to display your brand or advertise your company. One common question people have when it comes to car wraps is, “how does it work?” You may be surprised to find that the process is relatively simple, thanks to modern technology. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at …Read More

  3. More Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps For Advertising – Part 2

    Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Digital Precision. This is part two of our blog where we discuss the benefits of vehicle wraps for advertising. Although car wraps can be used simply for design, they can also be an effective means of advertising your brand in a simple and affordable way. Last time, we took a look at how cost-effective it is and how you will get many more impressions on …Read More

  4. Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps For Advertising

    There’s no doubt about it, advertising is no easy task. With so many mediums of advertising nowadays, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what you need to get more exposure. Oftentimes, it simply comes down to trial and error. Maybe you’ve tried various types of paid advertising like a radio or TV commercial, but had no success. But have you tried something less common like a vehicle wrap?…Read More