A brand style guide is a document that outlines exactly how a company wants to be presented in advertising campaigns and through any form of branding. Think of the Nike checkmark seen in all of their commercials. Although this is a small part of the company’s brand style guide, it’s seen on just about every article of clothing they release as well as their advertising. Let’s take a look at the components of a good brand style guide.


The logo is one of the most important parts of your overall brand guide. It’s the image that will be engrained into customers minds and make them remember you. If possible, brand logos should be simple but memorable. The McDonald’s golden arches, for example, are simple and nearly universally recognizable. This is what you should be going for. You should always work with a professional graphic designer to put your logo together.


Color is another important aspect of any brand style guide. Colors should be consistent across your logo, website, and advertising campaigns to ensure the greatest effect. Oftentimes, customers will associate your product to its colors just as much as its logo.

If you hire a graphic designer, they’ll probably take note of the RGB color codes of each color in your design. This way you can have consistency across all platforms.


Although you can have several different fonts across your business, they should still remain consistent. For example, don’t have your company name in a fancy calligraphy style font while everything else is in a very angular sans serif font. Be careful about the typeface you choose and ensure it’s very readable.


Imagery includes everything related to photos or designs on your site. Similar to typeface, this needs to remain consistent. Generally, it’s best to design something that will go well with your logo since the imagery will usually accompany it in most cases.


This voice aspect of your brand style guide is the kind of language you use to portray your brand. Voice could range from very informal to formal. Basically, you want to have a voice that matches your product and the audience that you’re speaking to. If you’re speaking to young adults, you may choose to write in an informal voice, whereas if you’re advertising to seniors, you’ll need a more formal voice.

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