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Design. Display. Direct.

In our modern world of advertising, there are countless ways of getting your business’ name out there; however, not all of these marketing options are effective, and you’ll often be expending more money than what you garner in leads. At Digital Precision, we aim to make branded vehicle wraps, as well as window and wall coverings, some of the most viable and cost-effective advertising methods.

Architectural Graphics

From commercial wallpaper to window decals, advertise your brand with customizable, durable interior and exterior graphics.

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Custom Signage & Décor

Say goodbye to expensive construction, and add personality to your décor with temporary wall coverings, window wraps and more.

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Commercial Vehicles

Take your brand to the streets and start growing your business! Commercial vehicle wraps are a powerful, cost-effective form of advertising.

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Turn-Key Graphic Solutions

We simply weren’t impressed with the industry as it stands at the moment, which is why we stepped up to deliver unparalleled results. Proper installation, incredible design and customized advertising — we do it all for our clients.


Project Management

Design & Prototype

Production & Fabrication



What Makes Us Different?

Experience, professionalism and attention to detail — that’s why so many companies choose us. With 50 years of combined experience, we know a thing or two about design.


Award-Winning Wrapping Services

Our talent and expertise in vehicle wraps has landed us with several of the most prestigious awards in the nation. 

Environmentally Responsible Latex Inks

By using HP Latex ink, we ditch hazardous chemicals and outgassing odor, and welcome a technology that dries instantly. 

Industry-Leading Installation Certifications

Our PDAA Master Certified Installer and Avery Dennison Certified Wrap Installer has the credentials that prove he’s the best.

Bring Clients to You

From vehicle wraps to ADA signage, Digital Precision offers professional graphic solutions to grow your business.