What We Create

Who you are as a business is important to communicate whether it be through promotional materials for potential clients or décor that translates your brand throughout the interior or exterior of your office.

Commercial Vinyl Wallpaper

Commercial Vinyl Wallpaper

  • Enhance your décor with durable wall wraps
  • Show off your brand with customized commercial wallpaper
  • Enjoy the durability and versatility of commercial vinyl wall coverings
  • Work with a custom vinyl printing company who aims to exceed your expectations
Custom Window Decals

Custom Window Decals

  • Enjoy appropriate privacy with window frosting decals
  • Create a comprehensive image for branding consistency
  • Showcase promotions and other marketing materials to potential customers
  • Work with a custom window decal company who aims to always exceed your expectations
Exterior Large Wall Wraps

Exterior Large Wall Wraps

  • Create a mural or banner for your business
  • Create an image customized with your branding
  • Place on brick and other exterior building elements
  • Use semi-permanent, durable branding materials that can withstand the elements


  • Post official signage easily and conveniently
  • Have the flexibility to remove or update signage if needed
  • Work with a custom vinyl printing company who aims to exceed your expectations
  • Choose from wayfinding signage, ADA regulatory signage, dimensional lettering on acrylic and stainless surfaces, and more

Why Choose Architectural Graphics by Digital Precision?

When you’re looking for durability, versatility or the ultimate customization options, commercial vinyl can deliver just that.


Vinyl can provide what a lot of other coverings can’t — durability. Vinyl wall wraps are created to withstand moisture and exposure to UV rays, abrasion and other wear-and-tear that our surfaces experience in a commercial space.


Commercial vinyl wall wraps and other vinyl products provide versatility: enjoy your architectural graphics, and then, when it is time to change it, simply remove it from the surface. Vinyl does not damage the surface it adheres to.


Vinyl allows you to create marketing materials or branding decor that truly shows who you are and what you can offer your clients. Whether it be custom wall wraps or window decals, we can create a graphic that works for you.

Brand Consistency

Your brand is central to who you are as a business and it’s important to not only communicate that to your clients, but also create the perfect environment to communicate your employee culture and mission.

Bring Clients to You

From wall wraps to signage, Digital Precision offers professional graphic solutions to grow your business.